world party bucket list-01Some parties don’t need an invitation. There are awesome parties all around the world that are open to all who make the effort to go. This is a list of the ones that I would love attend.

1. Holi – Also known as the Festival of Colors, this festival takes place every Spring in India.Holi 2. Carnaval in Rio – the annual festival is held every year before Easter.Carnaval

3. St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin – on March 17, everyone feels Irish. What better place to celebrate than the heart of the country. St. Patrick's Day

4. Mardi Gras in New Orleans – another Spring festival celebrated around the world – but it couldn’t compare to the experience of celebrating in The Big Easy.Mardi Gras

5. San Fermin Festival – or “the Running of the Bulls” in July in Pamplona, Spain. Running of the Bulls

6. Burning Man – celebrating art, community, and self-expression in a temporary city in Black Rock, Nevada in August. Yes, please. Burning Man

7. La Tomatina – or “the World’s Biggest Food Fight” is held every August in Bunol, Spain. La Tomatina

8. Oktoberfest in Germany – another tradition taken up around the world, but is there any better place to experience the celebration that where it originally started?Oktoberfest

9. Day of the Dead in Mexico – elaborate sugar skull make up and vibrant costumes make this Mexican celebration high on my party list.Day of the Dead

10. Loi Krathong – or “the Festival of Lights” celebrated through out Thailand in November. The photos of this festival are arresting. I can’t imagine experiencing it in person. loi krathong

There are so many other amazing celebrations around the world. I’m sure more will be added to my list..

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