Guest books are a great keepsake from your wedding. However, most couples don’t end up looking at a list of names in a book of people who attended their wedding. Luckily, there are some really great and creative alternatives for the traditional guest book that will constantly remind you of all the people who shared that wonderful day with you!

10 Alternative Wedding Guest Books-01


1. A Piece of Furniture – Whether a bench, a swing, or some wood chairs, make sure you chose a sturdy well built piece of furniture that will last. This piece is both function and sentimental.

Furniture Guest Book


2. A Globe – Perfect for that jet setting couple. Have it custom painted and add a cute quote for an extra special touch.

Globe Guest Book


3. Custom Art Work – This tree is perfect for a rustic wedding, but the art work could be customized for any theme. Just make sure you guests have room to sign!

Rustic Tree Guest Book

4. Quilt – Have everyone sign a patch and let their warm wishes keep you cozy at home!

Quilt Guest Book

5. Photo Guest Book – This one has gotten pretty popular – with good reason. Have a photo book printed with pictures of the couple or have guests take poloriods and put them in a book!

Photo Guest Book6. Bridal Shoes – Although I don’t see this working as a guest book for most weddings unless it is a really small wedding, I think it would be so much fun to have the bridal party or female family members sign them!
Wedding Shoes Guest Book

7. Video Guest Book – Even if you don’t have a videographer, use an iPad to make a video guest book!

Video Guest Book

8. Anchor – Perfect for a nautical wedding, a large wooden anchor is perfect for your guests to sign and hang on the walls of your first home.

Anchor Guest Book

9. Thumbprints – Every guest leaves their individual mark with their thumbprints! Another way to make art work out of your guest book!

Thumbprint Guest Book

10. Wine Barrel – Having your wedding at a vineyard? Have your guests sign a wine barrel! A great piece to add to your home!

Wine Barrel Guest Book

Take your guest book to the next level with one of these ideas! Customize it to your wedding and personality!




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