Your wedding invitation is a great keepsake from your wedding. After creating something so beautiful, don’t just throw it in a box or a scrapbook where you might not see it again. There are such fun and creative ways for displaying this wonderful reminder of such an important day. Here are a few of my favorites.


1. Frame it – Sure, it’s quick and easy, but that doesn’t mean a mat and a frame can’t make your invitation looks like the art work it is.framed invitation

2. Add some flowers to that frame – Want to take it up a notch? Add some flowers – ones from your wedding day if you have them, to add another dimension to your keepsake. You can also have your bouquet dried and framed with your invitation at places like Freeze Frame.floral invitation frame

3. Personalized Tray – These catch all trays are so convenient for rounding up odds and ends. Make one that’s extra special by making one out of your wedding invitation like this one from Ben’s Garden.

catch all tray

4. Art Canvas – Many places like Shutterfly will blow up your invitation and put it on a canvas of any size.

invitation art canvas

5. Copper plate – Make a durable and shiny version of your invitation by getting it on a copper plate. It would make a great 7 year anniversary gift too!

copper plate wedding invitation

6. Wedding Ornament – This is an easy DIY! Cut the invitation into strips and put it in a glass ornament and you have a great holiday reminder of your wedding day.

wedding invitation ornament

7. Wine bottle Invitation – Have your invitation flattened into a wine bottle to use as a cheese board!wedding invitation wine bottle

8. Invitation pillow – Print a copy of your invitation on to fabric transfer paper and make it into a pillow!
wedding invitation pillow

 Invitations aren’t just a list of information for your guests. They are art work from one of the most important days of your life!  So get those invitations out and put them on display!

wedding invitation keepsakes-01

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