Getting ready to make my way to Hawaii!


I admire those people that can throw some clothes in a duffle and live out of it for 6 months, but I know I’ll never be one of them. Packing for trips, I struggle with hitting that sweet spot- the one somewhere between bringing my entire closet and barely bringing a change of clothes. And with airlines limiting bag weight and charging per bag, a girl has really got to prioritize.

One trick that has helped me is to come up with a color palette and style inspiration for each trip. That way I choose the clothes that I will get the most out of and that have a cohesive feel. And by using a selective color palette, I can mix and match, stretching my wardrobe even further.

Here is my style inspiration for my trip to the islands…
hawaii style 2016

aloha beaches tank | palm print shorts | wrap bikini | black beach dress | palm tote with stripes | tan sandals | dvf cork clutch | round sunglasses | ESCAPE duffle | do not disturb hat | palm print dress


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