Whether you are having brunch, dinner, or some meal in between, a beautiful table is always the focal point of a great holiday meal. Take some inspiration from our Easter board with a blush and turquoise color scheme with rose gold accents.

Celebrating Easter

gold bunny ears | gold speckled eggs | coral stripped plates | copper dipped glassware | ombre floral centerpiece | floral table runnercopper flatware | carrot juice | easter wine glasses | coral and pink floral arrangement

Looking for more activities besides sitting down for a meal? Check out these fun party ideas to make your Easter celebration the best one yet!

Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt eggEaster egg hunts aren’t just for kids. Get the adults in the spirit with a scavenger hunt! Create clues to hide in eggs, each clue leading to the next. Split up into teams, and may the best team win!

Have a fun prize for the victors. My choice? A Benedict Cumberbunnybenedict cumberbunny

Bunnies, Chocolate & Sherlock! Could there be a better trophy for the clue masters of Easter?

Egg Splatter Art

Splatter Paint Egg Art

Visit Hative for a full tutorial

How much fun does this look?! Fill egg shells with acrylic paint. Set up a canvas and create a unique piece of art while you and your guests channel your inner Jackson Pollock. Use a large piece of unstretched canvas. Allow it to dry during the festivities and cut it into equal pieces for each guest to take home with them. They get a party favor that is also a new piece of abstract art!

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